Smart Monitoring Internet Remote Control


Basically, SMIRC allows the monitoring and control of equipment over the Internet from any PC, Smartphone or Tablet.

SMIRC is a combination of server-based software, meaning no software needs to be installed on the users device, and a minimal amount of hardware connected to the users equipment to make it all happen. Active internet connection is required to provide authorized users 24-hour unlimited access to Monitor, Reset and Control functions from any PC, Smartphone or Tablet.

SMIRC was initially developed for Remote Elevator Monitoring, Reset and Control. Since then, SMIRC has found itself favorable to a number of other uses such as portable Powerboard switching as well as Home and Building Automation Systems. SMIRC adapts well to any application where you want to switch or control devices/equipment, and monitor changes straight from your smartphone.

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Remote Elevator Monitoring Products - 2016

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