Smart Monitoring Internet Remote Control

What Can SMIRC Do?

SMIRC allows you to connect any Elevator system to the Internet via 3G/ADSL Ethernet connection providing authorized users 24-hour unlimited access to Monitor, Reset and Control functions from any Internet connected PC, Smartphone or Tablet.

Monitor status of Safeties, Locks, Car Door, Door Zone, Running, Floor Position and more.
Reset CPU, Drive and Door controllers, or shutdown all simultaneously.
Control Car/Landing Calls, Independent/Fire Control etc..

Some benefits of SMIRC include:

Reduce overhead of after-hour call-outs;
Reduce vehicle running costs;
Reduce average passenger entrapment time;
Reduce average breakdown time;
Increase productivity;
Increase safety of passengers, employees and equipment.

SMIRC is most effective in situations where a Reset/Reboot of a controller overcomes the fault condition.
SMIRC is also very useful for reducing nuisance calls such as 'Running on Arrivals', 'Intermittant Faults', 'Tying up of Group Controllers', 'Security related issues' and many more.

SMIRC has the ability to release a trapped passenger in under one minute in many circumstances.

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